Huambo City

Access and Infrastructures
The railway line from Lobito passes through Huambo. The airport receives small and large airplanes.
Huambo is a city and municipality in Angola, the seat of the Province of Huambo. The city had the official designation of New Lisbon between 1928 and 1975. The municipality has 2 609 km ² and about 1 204 000 inhabitants. It is bordered to the north by the municipality of Bailundo, to the east by the municipality of Tchicala-Tcholoanga, to the south by the municipality of Chipindo, and to the west by the municipalities of Caála and Ekunha. It is made up of the communes of Chipipa, Huambo and Kalima. It is the 2nd highest city of Angola, losing only to Lubango that is to the south of the same one.